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Dan has never let his hearing challenges get in the way of his life. He’s now pursuing his PhD to be able to help others.
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London the Magnificent was born with congenital hearing loss. This hasn’t stopped her from touching the hearts of everyone she encounters.
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Ed’s life changed the moment he stepped into the Hearing Loss Clinic in 2013. And he’s seized every day since.
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Barb has been a patient at the Hearing Loss Clinic since 2016. But her passion for music has been a lifetime.
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We believe healthy hearing has
the power to make a positive
difference in everyone’s life.

In 1993 the Hearing Loss Clinic was founded with a simple mission: make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. It’s never been about “hearing loss” or “hearing impairment” to us. It’s been about empowering you to be socially active, more connected with loved ones, and confident in every aspect of your life. Helping you hear better is simply our way of helping you live better.



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We specialize in hearing care for kids too. Learn how we can help ensure your child is hearing and developing properly.


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I really appreciate the courtesy, professionalism and expertise shown by the staff at the Hearing Loss Clinic. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who is facing similar challenges with loss of hearing.

John Hufnagel
President & General Manager
Calgary Stampeders

The team is courteous and prompt, and the professional staff are also very knowledgeable and thorough. They took time not only to test and fit my hearing aids, but also to educate me. I’d highly recommend the Hearing Loss Clinic.

Dr. Willem Meeuwisse
Medical Director, National Hockey League
Physician, Innovative Sport Medicine

Hearing, is at the core of what we do as musicians. We all got checked, advised and helped in the most friendly and reassuring way. Those whose hearing was still in good shape, learned how to keep it that way, and those who had sustained damage and loss, were helped by the addition of cutting edge hearing aid technology, which has turned their lives around! A huge thanks from all of us.

Barney Bentall and the Cariboo Express

As a rule, my Grandma dislikes doctors. That’s a problem, since at 95 she often needs them. But the only medical office she actually wants to visit is The Hearing Loss Clinic. Thank you for taking care of my Gram with equal parts technical skill and deep kindness.

Jamie Clarke
Co-Founder & Extreme Adventurer

I have worked with the Hearing Loss Clinic team since 1983. They treat hearing loss as a medical problem and all hearing loss candidates are treated as patients, not clients. They have fitted three of my family members.
Working with their team has been one of the most rewarding parts of my practice over the past 35 years.

Dr. Lawrence C. Jewett

I really like this place. There was something bothering me about my hearing aids (even though I couldn’t really live without them), but the Audiologists here take my complaints seriously and always manage to make things better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Hearing Loss Clinic.

Jay Ingram
Award-winning Canadian Author

Former Host, Daily Planet
Calgary, AB

The thing that sets The Hearing Clinic apart is their willingness to help in any way they can – patients know that and we, as physicians, know that. They are trustworthy and gentle and caring. I know they are involved in the community at large with innovative projects (like Theatre Calgary’s ASL Interpretive performances) that have opened the world of hearing to those who otherwise would not have experienced things like theatre. We are proud to call them friends and partners.

Dr. Ana-Maria Oelschig & Dr. Christo Rabie
Mokala Medical
Okotoks, AB

Pardon me? This was the most common phrase that I have used over the past 5 years. Since receiving my hearing aids from The Hearing Loss Clinic I feel much more present in my everyday interactions. As someone who owns and operates a retail store I am always very conscious of the service I receive, in that respect The Hearing Loss Clinic was second to none. I would recommend their services to my customers, friends and family.

Ed Williams
Owner, Ed Williams Men's Wear
Calgary, AB

The competent friendly staff impressed me with their thoroughness and technical ability. Having hearing aids has improved the quality of my life by enabling me to once again interact comfortably with others and enjoy music and the sounds of nature. Thank you Hearing Loss Clinic.

GerryCreston, BC

Your team made me feel comfortable as they were very personable, understanding and attentive to my needs... I would highly recommend the Hearing Loss Clinic to anyone that is having difficulty in hearing.

VeraCalgary, AB

Since you adjusted my hearing aids on Thursday, I can hear notes and inflections in the music I am listening to that I could not hear before. I wish everyone could have that experience. Although I have lost some things, I have regained something beautiful.
Thank you.


The Hearing Loss talks about COMMITMENT, CONTINUING EDUCATION, delivering EXCELLENT PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and serving clients with COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING. I can think of multiple times the team has provided with me all of these characteristics. The team goes ABOVE and BEYOND.

ChrisCalgary, AB

I have been a client of the Hearing Loss Clinic since 2001 and hearing aids since 2006. Not only have you given me my hearing back, but you have given me my life back. Your service and dedication to my needs has been very kind, professional and flawless. I would absolutely recommend you to friends and family every chance I get.

MelCranbrook, BC

Start hearing and living better.

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